Head & Neck Surgery Board

Head & Neck Surgery Board (2021-2023)
The Head & Neck Surgery Board of the Hong Kong College of Otorhinolaryngologists is responsible for promoting, developing and overlooking post-fellowship Head and Neck Surgery training in Otorhinolaryngology practice in Hong Kong. The Board gives advice to the Council on issues and programs related to Head & Neck Surgery training centres and trainers.
Chairman Dr Jason Ying-Kuen CHAN 陳英權醫生
Kowloon Central Cluster Dr Wilson Wai-shun NG 吳偉迅醫生
Kowloon East Cluster Dr Zenon Wing-chi YEUNG 楊穎智醫生
Kowloon West Cluster Dr Felix Tak-yin LAU 劉德賢醫生
New Territories West Cluster Dr Ingrid Io-meng CHIO 趙曉明醫生
New Territories East Cluster Dr Eric Hui-lun LAU 劉昫綸醫生
Hong Kong East Cluster Dr Alvin Po-ngai CHU 朱圃毅醫生
Hong Kong West Cluster Dr Joseph Chun-kit CHUNG 鍾駿傑醫生
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr Jason Ying-kuen CHAN 陳英權醫生
The University of Hong Kong (To be confirmed) (To be confirmed)
Private Practice Dr William WEI 韋霖醫生
Advisor Dr Alexander Chris VLANTIS 屈力行醫生
2022 July

HKCORL CME Lecture & Dinner on 9 July 2022


ENT Training Course for ENT Trainees

ENT Training Course for ENT Trainees (not open for outside registration)

Course Dates:
February 19 (Saturday)
March 19 (Saturday)
April 9 (Saturday)
May 14 (Saturday)
June 18 (Saturday)
July 16 (Saturday)
August 20 (Saturday)
September 17 (Saturday)
October 15 (Saturday)


HKCORL Paediatric Airway Intervention and Tracheotomy (PAInT) Course (target for ENT higher trainees)

23 July 2022, Saturday
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