Education Co-ordinator

Education Co-ordinator
The education co-ordinator from each cluster/hospital helps in communication between each training
centre and the education committee. The duties of education co-ordinator are:

(i) To communicate between College and trainees;
(ii) To collect and check log book, mentor report and case reports;
(iii) To collect the operative records of the training centre for submission to education committee for auditing purpose (if required);
(iv) To report to the education committee the change of trainer, trainee, acute beds and operative sessions of the training centre every 6 months;
(v) To assist the Censor-in-Chief in all training and CME related matters
Kowloon Central Cluster Dr Yuimi Pui-yee LO 盧佩儀醫生
Kowloon East Cluster Dr Peter Ka-ming KU 顧家銘醫生
Kowloon West Cluster Dr Cynthia Ka-cheong WAI 衛嘉鏘醫生
New Territories West Cluster Dr Athena Ting-ka WONG 黃霆嘉醫生
New Territories East Cluster Dr Samuel Man-wai CHOW 周文威醫生
Hong Kong East Cluster Dr Alvin Po-ngai CHU 朱圃毅醫生
Hong Kong West Cluster Dr Suet-ying YU 余雪瑩醫生
2023 October

RCSEd/HKCORL Joint Intercollegiate Higher Specialist ENT Examination 2023 (For eligible candidates Only)

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