Education Co-ordinator

Education Co-ordinator
The education co-ordinator from each cluster/hospital helps in communication between each training
centre and the education committee. The duties of education co-ordinator are:

(i) To communicate between College and trainees;
(ii) To collect and check log book, mentor report and case reports;
(iii) To collect the operative records of the training centre for submission to education committee for auditing purpose (if required);
(iv) To report to the education committee the change of trainer, trainee, acute beds and operative sessions of the training centre every 6 months;
(v) To assist the Censor-in-Chief in all training and CME related matters
Kowloon Central Cluster Dr Yuimi Pui-yee LO 盧佩儀醫生
Kowloon East Cluster Dr Peter Ka-ming KU 顧家銘醫生
Kowloon West Cluster Dr Cynthia Ka-cheong WAI 衛嘉鏘醫生
New Territories West Cluster Dr Vincent Kwok-hung LEUNG 梁國雄醫生
New Territories East Cluster Dr Samuel Man-wai CHOW 周文威醫生
Hong Kong East Cluster Dr Alvin Po-ngai CHU 朱圃毅醫生
Hong Kong West Cluster Dr Suet-ying YU 余雪瑩醫生
2022 July

HKCORL CME Lecture & Dinner on 9 July 2022


ENT Training Course for ENT Trainees

ENT Training Course for ENT Trainees (not open for outside registration)

Course Dates:
February 19 (Saturday)
March 19 (Saturday)
April 9 (Saturday)
May 14 (Saturday)
June 18 (Saturday)
July 16 (Saturday)
August 20 (Saturday)
September 17 (Saturday)
October 15 (Saturday)


HKCORL Paediatric Airway Intervention and Tracheotomy (PAInT) Course (target for ENT higher trainees)

23 July 2022, Saturday
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