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Higher Surgical Training
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Assessment Form (revised Dec 2017) I
Log Book Summary (revised in June 2017) II
Research Project Progress Report III-a
Research Project Final Report III-b
Report of Surgical Experience of Index Procedure  
Log Book Order Form  
Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA) on Practical Audiometry  
Clinical Evaluation Form (CEX)  
Procedure-Based Assessment In Otorhinolaryngology
Myringoplasty PBA01
Mastoidectomy PBA02
Tonsillectomy PBA03
SMR and Septoplasty PBA04
Tracheostomy PBA06
ML for benign vocal cord lesion PBA07
Thyroidectomy PBA08
Parotidectomy PBA09
Submandibulectomy PBA010
Post-Fellowship Training Program in Head and Neck Surgery
Operation statistics (log book) 2022 version HNS
Research Project Progress Report HNS
Post-Fellowship Training Program in Facial Plastic Surgery
Operation statistics (log book) FRS
Research Project Progress Report FRS
Basic Surgical Training
Log book Summary Report I  
Log Book Summary for ENT Training II  
Assessment Form III  
CME Report IV  
Competency Assessments on Basic Skill 
(Note: Trainees admitted from 1 July 2016 onwards)
Competency Assessments on Basic Skill
(Note: Trainees admitted from 1 January 2019 onwards)
2022 May
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